Breathe Classes






  • Improve respiratory health | Promotes relaxation | Can be practised anywhere | Quick stress relief

A typical Breathe Session

70 Min
  • 70 min.

Breathing exercises are a type of mind-body practice that involves controlling the Breath to improve physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Harness the Power of Your Breath with Breathe: Improve Mental Well-being and Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Fitness Xpress offers Breathe, a mindfulness-based exercise that utilizes breathing techniques to improve mental well-being. This practice involves controlled breathing techniques that promote relaxation, reduce stress, and boost the immune system. Breathe helps calm the mind and body, reduce inflammation, and enhance immune function, resulting in improved emotional regulation, increased mindfulness, and reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety. No equipment is required for Breathing exercises, making it a convenient practice that can be done anytime and anywhere. Integrating Breath into other exercise routines or practising it as a standalone activity can promote physical relaxation and reduce stress. Breathing is an effective way to manage stress levels and improve overall mental and emotional health.

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