• Failure to use or non-usage of the Club's facilities does not eliminate the member's obligation to pay your membership dues in a timely fashion. 
  • Any upgrade or downgrade in membership category will be subject to a one-time fee. Whether you are upgrading or downgrading, your contract will start afresh with respect to the minimum contract period of membership type to which you are transferring. (Please refer Annexure A of detailed T&C for details regarding upgrade/downgrade fee) 
  • A membership can be transferred only once to another person by paying a transfer fee after the transferee agrees to accept the Terms & Conditions of the Membership Application & Agreement Form. (Please refer Annexure A of detailed T&C for details regarding transfer fee). 
  • One (1) full calendar month's (from 1st of the month) notice is required for any amendment (freeze, upgrade or downgrade membership etc.) in your membership. Please complete the amendment forms at the front desk in person. 
  • You need to contact the Club to "Freeze" your membership at only 25% of your monthly dues per month which must be paid at the time of request. One (1) full calendar month's (from 1st of the month) notice is required to freeze your membership and no backdating is allowed. Minimum freeze period is one (1) month and maximum is twelve (12) months. If you "Freeze" your membership, this does not count towards your MCP and your membership will be extended by the number of month's equivalent to the frozen period. You cannot use the club while your membership is "Frozen" (NO freezing within first three (3) months of your membership). 
  • Gartner lockers are temporary day lockers. If you wish to rent a shoe locker please consult Club Management on the Terms & Conditions. The club will not be responsible for any loss or damage of your personal belongings. A replacement membership /temporary card is chargeable. (Please refer Annexure A of detailed T&C for details regarding locker charge) 
  • Fitness Xpress is an exclusive club for members only. If you wish to bring guests, there is a guest fee payable for a guest pass. Please consult Club Management for details. 
  • The Company reserves the right to increase the Monthly Dues and other charges inclusive of but not limited to the Monthly Subscription, regardless of the Membership Option chosen by the Member, subject to a seven (7) days' notice to the Member. The notice requirement shall be deemed fulfilled upon communication to the member via email and/or SMS as well as the posting of a Member Notice by the Club at the Club Notice Board, any other conspicuous area in the club, or on the Company Website and Facebook page for seven (7) consecutive days prior to the effective date of any such increase. 
  • Detailed T&C are mailed to you as soon as your membership is active. If, however, the detailed T&C have not been received, please contact the front desk within five (5) working days, else it is assumed that the detailed T&C have been received and accepted. If the Membership Terms & Conditions Change at a future date, the same will be communicated to you on the email address provided above. In case of clarifications or future versions, kindly enquire at the Front Desk. 
  • Fitness Xpress and/or its selected partners will send out regular communication to you via SMS and/or E-mail. 
  • Fitness Xpress shall not honour or entertain any verbal commitment by company / club staff that are contrary to the Terms & Conditions or club rules as mentioned in the Membership Application & Agreement form. 
  • Lockers are provided for the care of your personal belongings. Fitness Xpress recommends that you do not bring valuables into the club during your workout. If you do have valuables, please be advised Fitness Xpress does not assume any responsibility for the safekeeping of these valuables, and will not entertain any claims regarding damage or theft while on premises. 
  • I permit Fitness Xpress India Pvt Ltd to take photographs and videos of fitness activities and events, within and outside the club premises, where I am present and/or participating, and use these in social media and other marketing and promotional material, as they deem fit, during and beyond the tenure of my membership. 

Physical Activity readiness questionnaire 

I hereby agree that

  1. I don't have any heart or other health problem and have not been advised by the doctor not to perform any specific physical activities 
  2. I don't feel any pain in my chest or shortness of breath while performing any physical activity and never had any chest pain in the past 
  3. I have never lost balance because of dizziness or consciousness 
  4. I never had any bone or joint fracture or problem that can get worse by any change or increase in physical activity 
  5. Currently I am not taking any prescribed drug for any heart condition or ones that affect blood pressure 
  6. I don't know any reason why I should not increase my physical activity 

I understand that I have been advised to get a physician's approval before I begin my exercise programme at Fitness Xpress Health club. Due to my own reasons, I wish to start exercising at the club  without a physician's approval and will get the same on my own at a later date. Neither I, nor anyone claiming in my name will hold the Company, or its employees or agent responsible for any death,  personal injury or illness occurring within the club premises, or as a result of the use of the facilities and/or equipment’s provided by the Club. 

I have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions listed above. 

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